Saturday, May 18, 2013

Its time to return..

I left penning my thoughts on social injustice prevailing in the post-liberalization India through this blog a couple of years ago under unavoidable circumstances such as subscription to I.P TV and lack of readership. And I never felt the urge to come back here and write my strong reactions on the abominable treatment of the poor and needy of the country, primarily because by then we had strong AAAs or Aam-Aadmi-Aurat coalitions formed throughout the country to fight against everything evil, be it kleptocracy, Masculinism or electricity generation. I thought its a well deserved break for concerned social-networkists like me, now that social responsibility is in the safe hands of AAA groups. But now, things are starting to look murkier as AAAs are getting split left-right and center, with Aams being injected with carbides and sold in super markets, Aadmi busy raping his children and sisters and Aurat going on summer vacation to stand in water tanker queues, its time we social-networkers rearm ourselves with the cyberweapons we surrendered long back and come forward to express our solidarity to the weaker sections of our society like IPL players and  gun-toting Bollywood stars.

As an ardent cricket lover, this post-AAA post is in the name of all those Cricket fans like me out there who just cannot see our favourite game being subjected to television debates to this extend. 16th May 2013 is a day that we Indian Cricket fans will never forget as one of the blackest days of the year(apart from the other 364 power-cut days), because that's the day we woke up(by afternoon that is) to the shocking news of IPL spot fixing scandal and arrests of few of our favourite players. We are shocked primarily because we came to know that in our otherwise free country there exists such a vigilant and efficient police force like the Delhi police whose hawk-eyes and dolphin-ears could reach anywhere, and can take our freedom (that we primarily enjoyed hitherto for raping, mugging or even relieving ourselves in public places) away any moment. We also shockingly realized that how much more entertaining and satisfactory it would have been, had we been spot-fixing on the Cricket matches and not idiotically watching it for more than a quarter of a century. By now we could have made enough money to become IPL chairmans, hired cheer leaders and sought asylum in richer countries.

Now to all those Cricket hating, supercilious, unpatriotic men and women out there who are giving us that pity yet seemingly pompous look, we have only one thing to say, this is just a temporary descent for Cricket, the greatest games ever invented by humankind(and if its football to you, we say the same to you; in plural),will come back to its glorious days soon. We fans consider these incidents like a deciduous plant going through  shedding of dying leaves, only to be clothed with better ones come spring (or the next IPL season whichever is the latest) . Let me assure you fellow Cricket fans, dont be disappointed, if Cricket is our religion and D-Co is our angels, it will come out of all these, in a much better form than any of our current players, in a much better shape than any of our sponsors-cum-cheerleaders and with much better signaling techniques than mucus capped kerchiefs. Keep watching!

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