Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's offer GaaS

I agree with analysts on this - high time Indian I.T sector look at the new computing models and make use of them to provide better, wider, more ‘value-added’ services to customers. But my question is have we realized it? Even if we have, what are we doing about it? If we look at the current trends, enterprise I.T is becoming more and more services based(ok, ‘oriented’ - to rhyme with the industry buzzwords). More than the products, it’s the services that are going to be important for the customers(When was it not? Till vendors hijacked enterprise I.T landscapes). That’s the good thing for us, we are already in the services industry and what we need to now look at is to improve our services with the changing information technology landscape.

One such area is offering I.T governance as a service (I don’t want to shorten it to GaaS though), by hosting and provisioning enterprise I.T monitoring and management environments as services along with well defined governance strategy and processes so that customers don’t have to invest in costly monitoring tools and employ costly consulting teams to come up with an IT governance strategy. Some of us may be doing such services already, but we need to have much better solutions evolved in this space, say for example monitoring environments that fetch only meta-data through deployed agents from business environments so that customers are less worried about business data being shared.

What's your take?

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  1. Pls!! dont give these ideas to people. They will qickly make this a performance measire and 10 nincompoops will actually come up with some horseshit to be "noticed" which will obviously have no value add. To curry favor the boss they will bring some sloppy measures and kill our happiness!