Monday, April 27, 2009

You may now kiss the field cricket

Another eventful week has gone past, the most important event for me during the week was that I voted - after being persuaded by the election commission, government, matinee idols(and dolls), cricketers, family and friends though none of them were sure why they wanted me to do so. Next big thing is that I’m now convinced we are inching towards becoming a ‘developed’ country. Not because we managed to develop so many big banks here (vote banks I mean), but because we now own a spy satellite and spy planes as well. You might ask how spying enhances prosperity, I say that’s because you don’t know the history of spying ,all those who currently enjoy the ‘developed’ status got one thing in common – they all had/have a very sophisticated spy network. Now with these high-tech spy doodads, we not only can spot the terrorists but even zoom to such minuscule details as the color and brand of the inner garments worn by the bollywo terrorists, according to experts.

Last week also had many other events that made us proud as a nation, apart from IPL . For me the proudest moment of the week as an Indian tech-worker(these days every professional is labeled with a ‘worker’ suffix in my part of the world, even the oldest) is that an Indian has been appointed as America’s Chief Technology Officer, once again its becoming obvious that hiring Indians can get you do things cheaper better. Moreover, governments are thinking in corporate lines, which is good. I’m waiting for their next corpo style move – mergers and acquisitions.

The week also had the most memorable day in an year for us environmentally concerned people(ECPs)- Earth day. Now if you are not an ECP, to give you an idea on how important the day is for us - it’s as ‘unforgettable’ a day as your spouse’s birthday for you. We celebrated Earth day on the 22nd by pledging to do more green marathons with more sponsors. Every year I adopt few new green initiatives on Earth day, and this year there are two resolutions that I pledge to do 1) From now on I’ll stop watching bollywood movies and music in an effort to curb global warming 2) I'll eat as much non-vegetarian stuff as possible, so that I don't contribute to cutting of plants, instead I'll help reducing the cattle population that eats up anything green that comes their way.

The week also saw many landmark court verdicts that have the potential to change the face of our violently conservative country. One is that kissing is not an offense, as long as you are married - to each other of course. It is also now official that officials who solemnize parenatally disapproved weddings will not inform the parents through a ‘notice of intended marriage’. Looks like cupid is the dog whose day has come.

Next on the key research finding of the week – a truly ground breaking one, especially for anyone who is running animal farms, families, relationships or all of the above. Biologists at UC Riverside have done an intense study on ‘field crickets’(and not on the vice versa as it would have been in India) and found for the first time that “Females commonly prefer males that provide greater material benefits, and even penalizes males that provide lower-quality benefits”. Now some of you might ask whats 'news' in this; remember, we are talking here about field crickets. Those of you who are adult field cricket males better read the said research report, might help you understand the field better before you venture out next time.

Before I go the latest recession related news here.

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