Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marianismo índico

As an aware person you might have already observed that more and more women are becoming successful politicians in our country unlike earlier where it was a profession reserved for mighty men such as loaded landlords, mutilated maharajas, bar-less barristers, unskilled unionists, treacherous traders, non-Gandhians, known-Gandhis and the likes. I think the future of Indian politics is going to be in the hands and handbags of our women leaders. This is not accidental or due to the influence of the so called Feminist Senes as many people thought wrongly, it’s because they have many natural and social advantages over their male counterparts. Here are some of the reasons why I think our political future is feminine.

  1. Behind every successful man there needs to be a woman or two. But no such constraints apply for women.

  2. They have more chance of getting into high posts as a successor of their father/mother/husband/boyfriend where as for men it’s limited to parental promotion.

  3. They can wear colorful sarees and elephant-foot bindis that help them stand out everywhere.

  4. Such verbal attacks can help both the attacker and the attacked get equally good political mileage only if it happen among women.

  5. Their male opponents will have to think multiple times before politically attacking them, these days virtually anything one do with women can be interpreted as harassment(Including this write-up)

  6. They are more practical. How many of our male politicians can think of such strategies ?

  7. They can never be blackmailed with molestation charges; ok, at least in the prevailing social order.

  8. They are born orators unlike men for whom it’s an acquired skill.

  9. They are very good managers compared to men; they had been running the world’s most chaotic and complex organization for millions of years successfully – it’s called ‘The Family’.

  10. Above all, they have a better future as well, unlike men who are going to be an endangered species soon.

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