Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Few racial attacks that went unnoticed

Throughout the world, Indians continue to be the most racially vulnerable community with more and more fresh attacks getting reported every day against our people and we Indian bloggers cannot just sit and watch, we got to react and try to expose any such incidents so that the governments take notice of the heinous and cowardly acts. Here are few such incidents that went unnoticed because our fourth and fifth estates are now wining and dining with Shiney Ahuja.

1) From England

Victims are a group of youngsters who went to England on a study tour on how to play cricket. They had been targeted and brutally attacked by racists from all over the Commonwealth as reported here, here , and here . They are now being airlifted back to India for advanced medical treatments that will be starting with a therapy called Media Analysis and Diagnosis or M.A.D.

2) From Israel

In yet another incident of racial discrimination against Indians, Israeli soldiers pressed the ‘kumkum’ mark on the forehead of a married Indian woman touring their country three times thinking it was a ‘trigger for a bomb’. That explains why innocent Palestinian women and children get bombed by Israeli fighter jets constantly - their noses look exactly like the tip of anti-ballistic missiles placed inside their heads. There are also unconfirmed reports that this is not an act of racism but the soldiers were acting under the influence of a Bollywood movie they saw, in which the heroine was a bomb and upon ki pressing the forehead she exploded with an item-number.

3) From USA

The next one in my opinion is the mother of all the racial attacks because they are now hurting our linguistic sentiments, the biggest of all our sentiments; after religious I mean. A Texas based company called Global Language Monitor announced that ‘Web 2.0’ is the one millionth word to be added to the English language, and not words of Indian origin ‘Jai Ho’ or 'Slumdog'. Whoever awarded the ownership of English language to the said company better rethink I say.

What surprises me is the ineptness shown by our government in handling these issues. It’s high time we summon High-commissioners/Ambassadors of all these countries and convey clearly that if their governments don’t take necessary actions to stop these attacks, we will be forced to impose sanctions against them by conducing International Bollywood Movie Festivals or IPL matches in those countries.


  1. Shiney Ahuja aggreed that he has made a biggest mistake in his life, that he raped his maid. In the begining though he falsely said it was by mutual agreement. Later in the medical tests it was prooved that he has raped his miad, then finally he accepted his mistake. After the rape he told her maid that, never tell this thing to anyone, I will give you whatever the money you want, but he never taught that she inform the police.

  2. Interesting pieces of news. Though not sure how this qualifies for a 'humor' label