Thursday, June 11, 2009


For the past few days we are hearing the word ‘socialite’ in our print and visual tabloids and chances are that many people will misinterpret this for a political science term called ‘socialist’. Here is a short poem that addresses the difference between the two. Why I wrote it as a poem is because it can then also be used as a nursery rhyme. This is my poetic debut as well (means the worse is yet to come) and is written in a new poetic form called ‘Molested Closed Couplet’. It’s also an open source poem; you can add verses and/or copy them, you will never be called a plagiarist, it’s the message that matter here, not the messenger.

Socialites wear Prada
Socialists wear Kurta

Socialites have parties for fun
Socialists have parties for fund

Socialites wear big goggles
Socialists were big boggles

Socialists wither wealth
Socialites blather filth

Socialites smooch each other
Socialists scorch each other

Socialists deprive democracy
Socialites thrive hypocrisy

Socialites hail flamboyance
Socialists spoil finance

Socialists are traffic jams
Socialites traffic gems


1 comment:

  1. brilliant!!!

    socialists hold banner for causes
    socialites get naked for causes

    Like PETA!! :P

    Socialists come on TV shows (like big fight)
    Socialites come on reality shows