Sunday, May 11, 2014

Guruji Speaks - Mothers Day

Ladies, Gentlemen and Power-runners,

Guruji has arrived on the stage, he will now address our questions, queries and concerns,

[Q] Mohan asks - Guruji, I think this salutation of “spiritual leader” is a bit confusing, as it is not very clear what "spirits" are we talking about, whether as in bhoot or alcohol or even simple “sportsman spirit” like that of Ass-aaram Bapus? Can’t we have a better term to address  spiritual leaders?

[A] Guruji - Son, we are spiritual in all of the above dimensions you mentioned. However Guruji agree that it is high time we get a more "sexier" title, especially with the kind of interest we have on that topic, plus our increasing influence the corporate world. May be we can be called Chief Religious Officers or simply CROS hereafter.

[Q] Inder asks - Your Holiness, in my part of the world people prefer jaywalking on busy roads risking their life even if there is a zebra crossing or a traffic signal in the next 50 meters. Is it a problem of discipline or social upbringing ?

[A] Guruji - Son, with the kind of values and culture richness existing in your part of the world , Guruji will not attribute this behavior to social upbringing and discipline. Instead he will blame Mother Nature because she clearly hasn't done a good job of evolution in your part of the world it looks like and people still have few of the primate traits left in them that they are yet to learn that a two ton metal thing moving at 70 KMPH can turn their bottoms into bananas.

[Q] Juhi asks - Your Holiness,  scientists say “Men and women are chemically wired to think, do things differently”. Is this true?

[A] Guruji - Dear Juhi, Guruji won't agree with that view, if it was “..chemically weird..”, he would have.

[Q] Meera asks - Guruji, why do people donate luxury articles like gold ornaments, cash etc to gods? Are the god really that flamboyant in their lifestyle that they enjoy these extravagant offerings and shower blessing on those who donate them?

[A] Guruji - Dear Meera, it is wrong to attribute  flamboyancy to gods firstly because it amounts to blasphemy and secondly because in reality they are poor people struggling to substantiate their own existence in the cosmos in fact. However the donations are vital to the sustenance of faith and religion, especially because the earthly apostles of heavens such as priests, godmen, cult leaders etc would have to lead an exemplary heavenly life to motivate us humans to live to earn it.

[Q]  Max asks - Guruji, of late, especially during this parliament election, we are seeing unprecedented levels of active involvement of religious leaders, spiritual gurus who take sides and send out messages of hatred, partisan-ism etc. Where do you think it will  all lead us to ?

[A] Guruji - This will all lead us to ultimately believe that they are right and we are wrong. 

[Q]  Miss D asks - Guruji, can you recommend me some mother's day gift ideas ?

[A] Guruji - Dear D, Guruji would like to remind you that this is a spiritual advisory forum and not one of your bogus, urban neo-middle class lifestyle websites. Go wash the vessels for her for few days instead is Guruji’s advice to you.

Ok children, time for Guruji to depart as he is starting on a pilgrimage to the mountains, to pray for the countries that are going to be under the clutches of power-hungry, ruthless politicos in future. 

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