Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vice versa of Business-IT alignment

When people talk about the business-I.T alignment issue(Is there an issue here first of all?), I always notice most of the time they point out the need for I.T to ‘respond’ to business needs or rather I.T not being able to keep pace with business’ changing needs. Agree; if there is such a problem, we got to address that. But I was wondering what about aligning business to I.T? Isn’t that important too? Even after I.T becoming an integral part of business, not many have adopted I.T as a mainstream business ‘enabler’ (I’m no MBA, not sure what is the correct word here) I think.

For example, the web 2.0 stuff(I hate to address it that way though), SaaS & cloud computing etc are still finding it difficult to get business adoption. I think this is also an ‘alignment’ issue. Now the question is why? Is it because business is not knowing how to keep up with the rapid changes happening in I.T? Or is it because I.T is not able to show business ‘the money’ or rather not being able to educate business on these changes? Or these technologies are not mature enough for business to adopt them? Or is it all of the above and something else?

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