Monday, March 9, 2009

Confusio Linguarum

I think innovation is the mantra of the hour for newsmakers all over the world. They just keep coming(I mean the innovations in news making), no matter whether the rest of the world is inside a recession or a black hole or both. That’s why I thought a news analyst is also a dog whose time has come and entered that arena with this blog(For animal lovers, no dog was hurt during the cook-up of that statement). So here I am, back again to analyze the breaking news that happened in our country, outside of all sorts of idiot boxes I mean, one blog and one human cannot summarize breaking news in Indian television we all know.

The news with the farthest reaching consequence last week that I heard was this – “Second wife also has right to maintenance: Peoples' court”. Now if I say anything against the said ruling, I sure will go to jail, plus the Association of Second-Spouses(They can never abbreviate it btw, again thanks to animal rights activists) all around the world will further make life miserable for my only wife and child I’m sure. Moreover, there is no need for me to oppose it, as it’s a very good decision the court has taken. Also, anything that has to be ‘maintained’ has to be done so is my experience too, not with second wives as you thought wrongly, but with numerous other things such as cars, computers, electric heaters, bicycles and stuff like that.

Another thing that has consequences beyond the week that I heard last week was that – “196 Indian languages may die out soon”. While you sit there and wonder whether we are living in a place with that many languages, my thoughts are on how to avoid such a catastrophe. Because the moment we say something is disappearing from the face of this earth, the environmentalist in me wakes up and urges me to do something which mostly will be to utter ‘ooh, aah, ouch’ as in an old balm ad(commercial). But since people with no language to communicate with the rest of the world has to be avoided at any cost, I’ll go a step ahead and suggest here the only way I know how languages can be protected from extinction - declare them all ‘classical’. On a second thought, maybe we are getting out of the ancient curse of confusio linguarum, who knows?

Since I’m a self-disciplined person when comes to things like news analysis, I’ll wind up before you lose patience, with one more news item that has driven my attention last week – “Tantrik arrested in Noida for cheating journalist”. The said tantrick promised his customers “Better prospects in life and guaranteed them lifetime solutions for all problems in life”. Now if this was the promise and the man failed to deliver the same, I totally agree with the said journalist in going to court against him, consumer rights has to be protected at any cost too, like in the case of endangered languages. What makes me happy more here is that in a single week, two of our women have come out to expose men who took them for a ride, that’s what I call true empowerment! We sure are on the way to prosperity, no matter what sadistic-naysayer mo*ons out there write in their malicious social networking sites.

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  1. Good one Santhosh with your style of humour :)