Monday, March 23, 2009

IPL Highlithighs

Any large landscape where everyone is part of some or other – religious/linguistic/original/gender-al/habitual/regional/occupational/ cultural – minority or majority is a mine of subjects for a news analyst; in terms of abundance as well as explosiveness, something can get her/him into losing a vital organ or two too, no matter how many pages of the constitution are set aside for guaranteeing freedom of speech and expression. So an analyst has to be very careful not to hurt any types of sentiments of any of the above mentioned swarms while at work. That’s why in this space I always act as Courage the cowardly dog and restrict myself to things that generally doesn’t emotionally itch any beefy mafia - that is, things such as recession, common men and women, dogs, cats, cockroaches, research findings, cricket and things like that.

Today, I was forced to write a non-weekender column on The change of IPL venue from India because of the sheer weight of the subject(as well as it’s sponsors') plus its socio-economic/political implications. Though I’m neither a cricket fan nor a an exhaust fan in any political restrooms, I decided to comment on the subject because we analysts(of any size and shape) think anything that is pomp, bollywoody etc is more important than your that mean grocery bill and jolty job. United we stand in supporting the IPL stakeholders decision to move it all - including it’s flesh and boolood cheer leading – elsewhere. I must remind you all naysayers that cricket is a colonial game after all, we believe in exploiting the raw materials available here, building products elsewhere and selling it back here and earning huge profits.

I as a person believing in Export Led Industrialization bet Indians abroad would be ready to pay ten times more than that of an average local(country) Indian for a cricket ticket and the countries anyway can be satisfied by showing them the ‘high-li-thighs’ through the omnipresent idiot box - in typical bollywood style. So my advice to all cricket fans is, don’t get disappointed, de-motivated, emotional, commotional or subside for any other types of motions that originates in your body, keep watching the match highlithighs, it’s the economy we are talking about you foo ladies and gentlemen!

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  1. :D 11 men and a ball!! rule the nation and the blogosphere. And jammed all networking sites like twitter, orkut facebook!!! all u have to do to be noticed is say IPL, Elections!! And I heard psephologists got their political as**es kicked!! No more exit polls eh!!