Saturday, June 15, 2013

Human supremacy theory - nonsenseablity guaranteed

Sociologists, anthropologists and behavioural scientists(trust me, there exists one such group of people) always debated on whether humans are any different from rest of the animal kingdom, or are we just a bunch of bespectacled baboons. In my view, we are different. Now if you are into too much of biology and stuff and argue “I would have agreed if you and a rat had two different set of holes to eat and expel. We are no different you blockhead!”, its a good start because we now have something to debate on. And let me begin while you sit back, relax and enjoy the futile weekend hours reading this(frankly, if you weren’t my valuable reader, my question would have been, “seriously, don’t you have anything better to do?”) . Ok, back to the topic, I was trying to tell that we are significantly different from any other living being, no matter how you argue that we all share exactly the same basic biological needs of consumption and production of other living things and ultimately act as bacterial breeding grounds. Below are few of my postulates towards this human superiority theory, backed with strong scientific evidences obtained through years of research done by just living in this world.

In my view, the biggest factor that differentiates humans from other species is our ability to behave as utter idiots in spite of having a fairly good adaptation - a decent sized brain - that could be used rationally. For example, I’m sure a troop of chimps will chase away the alpha if he was found not fit for leading and is making a living by stealing others’ food. We on the other hand choose alphas with the said ‘qualities’ to lead us; all the time. Only a human leader can face both bribery, murder charges yet get elected by his fellow beings so that he can “serve” them. The point is, every species is good in using its adaptation for its own benefit, but we often don’t.

Lets look at another example. A rodent will never gnaw away the log on which it is floating while being washed away in a flood, because it knows the log is it’s only hope of survival and one shouldn’t be cutting down the branch he/she is sitting on. Look at us, we invest heavily in doing environmental studies and things like that, live for months together in the most extreme conditions like the outer space, polar regions etc studying how human actions are destroying the climatic conditions of our planet. Yet we cut down trees, build highways, chemical factories, nuclear plants and ultimately lit up our own bottoms in that process.

My third reason is this -  have you noticed people in villages keeping a pair of crow wings on a pole to scare away other crows from eating the grains up ? The psychology is that crows with a brain(however tiny that is) understand what their fate would be if they do the same mistake again. What about us? we hang many gruesome murders, rapists and publicize that news all over. Yet the number of murderers and rapists is increasing, not decreasing.

As I mentioned earlier in this era of TV experts, 3 arguments is a good enough number to conclude that a theory is correct, no matter whether there are 3000 other arguments against it. On a second thought, there are 5 arguments here in fact, 4th that I didn’t have the brain levels to think that somebody will actually read this, and even if they read it, will agree with me. 5th one of course is that inspite of having a hundred other good things to do, you spent time reading such nonsense.  Believe me, none of this will not happen in the animal world.

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