Saturday, January 25, 2014

Guruji Speaks - Socialism

Ladies, Gentlemen and mango-men,

Guruji has arrived on the dais, please get started with your queries and worries,

[Q] Max asks - Guruji, Socialism or Capitalism - which is good for the welfare of human society in the long run ?

[A] Guruji - Son, these economic systems differ fundamentally on how wealth is distributed in the society. Wealth as in your hard-earned, half-axed monthly income and not the wealth that your employers and political masters have tucked away in tax havens. In a capitalist system, the distribution of wealth is called "direct distribution", where all your suppliers and debtors line up and grab your wealth at the end of the month directly from you. But in a socialist system, the wealth distribution is the duty of state to ensure that there is no inequality in the distribution. Here the state fetches and distributes your wealth equally among all the needy and poor such as the lazy-unemployed, the white-elephant staffers, the bankrupt corporations etc. For you as an individual, ultimately both are good systems as both aims at the welfare of society by ensuring that your bank account is emptied by month end so that you are inspired to keep working towards the next month’s bed and breakfast.

[Q] Sam asks - Mr.Guruji, your disciples sometime ago conducted nation-wide monkey jumping events collecting money to create a life-size statue of yours that they claimed can save the country from all the evil spirits that cast eyes on our country, due to which we are still a lot poorer compared to the rest of the world. Has the statue been erected and has it started drawing results ?

[A] Guruji - Yes my son, the said erection has happened, you may see a snapshot of it HERE. On results - yes, it has earned the noble souls who collected the donations a good fortune that each of them now drives a Fortuner.

[Q] Mrs.Lata asks - Guruji, this is about my teenage daughter. She is addicted to Facebook and spends all her time on it. She is glued on to her computer screen interacting with her Facebook friends on all her non-school hours. Her father and I tried various ways including physical punishment to get her out of this habit, but with no results.I am worried about my daughter’s future, how can I persuade her to come out of it and focus on her studies?

[A]  Guruji - Dear Mrs.Lata, trying to dissuade today’s teenagers from using social networking through physical punishment is like trying to convert a hyena vegetarian by force-feeding it sambar-rice. You must use a more pragmatic approach here. One option is to encourage them to move to Google+ as their social networking platform. You can persuade them to do so by educating them that Facebook is secretive and hence evil and can trade their souls, while one cannot hide anything from Google anyway and it already has a copy of your soul all the time. Once they start using Google+, they will soon give up trying to understand it, and will start hating social networking altogether. Then enroll them for Guitar or Football classes depending on which will potentially keep your drawing room intact in the long run, you have Guruji’s blessings.

[Q] Kavya asks - Guruji, I’m a highschool student. My parents think social networking is evil and always behind me to stop it whenever I’m on Facebook. My mother had even beaten me on couple occasions on this. I want to make them understand how important my Facebook is for me. How should I go about?

[A] Guruji - Kavya dear, Guruji has been living in this world for many centuries and he can tell you that it’s very hard for people of any generation to make their parents understand what’s cool for their generation. Any attempt to argue with your parents on this will be an exercise as as futile as trying to feed a hyena with Margherita pizza to turn it vegan. The best thing for you to do is demonstrate them how harmless, interactive, informative and recreative social networking is. For this, create Facebook accounts for your mom and dad, help them connect with their high school, college crushes, you have Guruji’s assurance that they will no longer pester you on this topic. However, make sure you connect both mom and dad on it. Else suspicion, jealousy etc can happen between them, making your home so parliamentary that paramilitary forces have to be called in to bring back peace.

Ok children, time for Guruji to retire to his meditation chamber, he will meet you here again next week unless he gets to do something better by then.

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