Saturday, August 10, 2013

Guruji's Column - Part 8

Hello Children,

Let us get started with the questions right away as Guruji is in a hurry, not because he has a busy day ahead as you thought wrongly, but because he is having a limited internet access due to non-payment of monthly phone bill.

 [Q] Mahesh asks from Mahim - Guruji, my credit card company sends me an automated birthday wishes every year on my birthday. We all know that a computer generated birthday wishes can never make a person feel happy. Why then are they still doing this?

[A] Guruji - Mahesh, there are two parts to the answer here (like the answers in the corporate world). Firstly, credit card company sends it not to wish you but to remind you that though you are getting older and wiser, you still owe them a lot and they are still watching you. The second part is that a person - as long as s/he is a human - can never be made happy with anything, let alone sending greetings. Even if your credit card company employ your Bollywood dreamgirl to send the greetings handwritten with her fresh lipstick on it too it is not going to make you happy because you will then complain that the woman wasn’t sent along in flesh and blood(well..mostly in flesh because we are talking Bollywood girls here). Hence Guruji’s advice to you is to use the card responsibly, and don’t try to give too much thoughts into such things.

[Q] Nalini from Chennai asks -  Guru, should an honest, responsible person like me use modern technology like smart phones, because they also help many a criminal these days. Aren’t they evil ?

[A] Guruji - No dear, it’s not the smart phones that are evil. In Guruji’s experience with them, most of the time it is the operating system that runs it evil.

[Q] Pinky asks from Pimpri -  Your holiness, most of the modern day spiritual leaders and gurus have Facebook accounts, but you don’t have one. Why?

[A] Guruji - Dear Pinky, Guruji doesn’t like to like what he doesn’t like.

[Q] Gopal asks - Guruji, last week you said that you are taking up a very long journey in search of truth. But you are back now. Did you find the truth ? If so where did you find it?

[A] Guruji - Yes Gopal, he found it in his wallet.

[Q] Kumar asks - Guruji, I have listened to a few sermons of yours in recent past. Never you take up issues that are affecting our society such as political wrongdoings, atrocities in the name of religion, majority, minority etc. Isn’t that what a true Guru should try to resolve with his spiritual powers and influence? Why can’t you take up things that are more socially impacting than personal grievances and marital issues?

[A] Guruji - Son, everyone got her/his Karma and you should focus only on the Karma that the almighty has assigned to you. Guruji is also doing exactly that. Right now his karma is to crack mediocre jokes and enjoy his calvados while the rich and the powerful burn the bottom of many a poor fellow being. What our mythology teach us also is the same, that one must not deviate from the path of Karma until someone come scorching her/his own bottom.

Ok children, time for Guruji to go. He will be back with you next week, unless his present incarnation reaches it’s expiry date by then.

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